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Inspired by His Life, May We be Motivated by his Death











As Nelson Mandela is being memorialized around the world, we in the yogacommunity must add him to our list of true teachers. While not a traditional“yogi” in our familiar usage of the word, he is nonetheless a guru ofillustrious distinction.Ahimsa, the practice of nonviolence, the first yama of the eight limbs ofyoga, is something that Mandela took very seriously. He overthrew an oldand racist government after spending 27 years in prison…all the whileforgiving those that imprisoned him.Nelson Mandela - a great, humble, passionate, inspiring, generous man.It makes one think about one’s own life and death, doesn’t it? Listening andreading about this incredible man causes reflection on one’s own life. Haveyou ever thought about what might be said about you upon your owndemise? Have you ever thought about writing your own eulogy? It maysound quite strange and unsettling but it also may offer an opportunity tostep outside yourself and consider the life you are leading.For what do you want to be remembered?By whom do you want to be remembered?What type of footprint will you leave upon this earth?The answers to these questions will say a lot about what is important toyou, and may give you impetus to move forward or in an alternate directionin your life.You may not want the whole world to mourn your death, and have everynews channel do a story about your life, or maybe you do. Or maybe you

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