Embrace the present that is every day. Appreciate the journey that has led you to this day. Look forward to the presence to come. Have a happy & blessed 2013!!!!

New Year 2013
Have you seen that birthday card of the Dalai Lama opening his birthday gift and commenting                        “Wow, Nothing! Just what I always wanted!”
As we approach this new year, imagine it as a gift.
Pause to consider the offering, taking your time to appreciate the experience of the
Unwrap it slowly, mindfully...
As you peer inside the box you, like the Dalai Lama, are thrilled that the box is empty.
Why? Because you can imagine what your gift, your year, might look like; you can
design and create it in your own fashion. And with that energy, and input, your year may
just manifest your desires.
Now, don’t over do these musings by wishing for a million dollars, the loss of 25 lbs, a
new house, the ideal mate, perfect health or the job of your dreams. Focus on what may
cause that type of imagery to manifest...imagine yourself content, kind, giving, loving,
dedicated, effective. Fill your present with practices that keep you grounded and able to
roll with the fluctuating weather and life conditions that are sure to arise.

Recycle the container and wrapping paper...there are always those good things to carry
over from year-to-year. But then, symbolically recognize and release those habits,
thought-patterns and actions that may have sabotaged you - why recycle that which has
not served you?

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