Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy (YT)?

  • A qualified Yoga Therapist guides individuals on a healing path and road to wellness.
  • Yoga Therapy is a multidimensional approach tailored to the whole person and utilizes the disciplines of structural  and therapeutic yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Lifestyle factors are taken into account and recommendations are made.
  • Yoga Therapy empowers the individual to feel comfortable in their own body and requires active participation in their therapeutic plan.
  • Yoga Therapy complements medical treatment and is not a substitute for clinical care.

Where and How is Yoga Therapy Provided?

  • In small group classes.
  • One-on-one or semi-private.
  • On location or at the client’s house.

When Are Yoga Therapy Sessions?

  • To join a class, view our class schedule here.
  • Sessions are scheduled based on the Yoga Therapist’s and individual’s availability.
  • Small group sessions can be organized with regularly scheduled meeting times.